Atech Postal – notes on the Fast Server

Atech’s Postal is an SMTP server and web management interface that’s geared towards transactional and bulk mailing (e.g. for application to user communication, and for marketing respectively). It’s quite well documented, but more importantly it’s open source (MIT license), and also seems well written – elegant, self-documenting code that’s easy to follow, useful comments, well
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Raspberry Pi reading WH1081 weather sensors using an RFM01 and RFM12b

This article describes using an RFM01 or RFM12b FSK RF transceiver with a Raspberry Pi to receive sensor data from a Fine Offset WH1080 or WH1081 (specifically a Maplin N96GY) weather station’s RF transmitter. I originally used the RFM12b, simply because I had one to hand, but later found that the RFM01 appears to work
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Raspberry Pi GPFSEL, GPIO, and PADS Status Viewer

The gpfsel_list (I maybe should have called it lsgpio) utility displays a list of the currently configured function selections across all available GPIO pins and, for pins configured as GPIO, the current state of the pins. For pins configured with ALTn functions, the selected function is listed according to the datasheet information. It also shows
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Dell R415 R515 (11G) Random Reboots

We have Dell R415 and R515 11G servers that have been rebooting sporadically. These restarts are seemingly random, but occur at approximate intervals of 6 weeks, 2 weeks, or 2 days. The messages in the BMC/iDRAC6 system event log seem to be misreporting various hardware problems. The problem appears to have been avoided by disabling the Event Message Buffer using ipmitool, but only time will tell.

Raspberry Pi – Hardware Is The New Software

There’s been a lot written about the Raspberry Pi, a small single-board computer with I/O pins on the circuit board, and a small price tag (£25 or so). For me, the most exciting aspect of the Raspberry Pi is the fact that it has lots of methods of input and output of digital signals to and from the board.

Toner Transfer PCB Etching with an Iron

Lots of people have reported good things about the toner transfer method of making printed circuit boards. Lots of other people have said it’s a waste of time. I have been trying to use this technique to produce decent quality boards, with quite a few successes so far.